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Ali Mokhtar

Principal, NSW

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Since using Smokeball software, we have effectively ​doubled our firm billings thanks to the unique automatic time tracking feature – AutoTime. Smokeball essentially helps you bill more without charging your clients more due to its suite of powerful productivity tools.

AMG Law Firm is a Sydney based firm that predominantly practices in Family Law. We are a team of four, and due to COVID we now mainly work remotely.

Smokeball's cloud-based legal practice management software has made working away from the office seamless from end-to-end. My practice is more organised and streamlined, with all client matters and related emails, documents, tasks, events and contacts accessible from one central place. Whether you're on the go or working from home, with Smokeball you can ensure productivity is maintained.

Since using Smokeball, we have effectively doubled our firm billings thanks to their unique automatic time tracking feature – AutoTime. Before Smokeball, we were often failing to capture tasks like reading & producing documents, taking calls and emailing. We are no longer underbilling for our completed work, as AutoTime accurately tracks everything we do and associates it with the appropriate matter automatically. From the time that is tracked each day, Smokeball then creates billing and invoicing entries. It is so simple to use and helps us get paid faster.

AutoTime interacts with Smokeball’s law firm Management Reporting to deliver up-to-date profitability details. By tracking and capturing all these activities, Smokeball provides useful insights into the actual amount of work we are performing for each client. I know how much time a matter is taking staff and whether it's profitable for the business. Having complete visibility into your firm's output is also very valuable when managing staff who are working remotely.

Smokeball essentially helps you bill more without charging your clients more due to its suite of productivity tools. These features will help you complete your work faster and smarter. We are now saving a significant amount of time on administrative tasks– at least 2 hours a day.

The law firm email management functionality is a standout. Smokeball’s seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook automatically saves emails to the applicable file, eliminating the need to forward emails. All matter-related emails sent and received are easily accessible from one central area.

The Communicate messaging and file sharing app keeps your communication secure and your clients up to speed. In particular, I find the file-sharing functionality to be very beneficial, as I can safely send large documents that email cannot handle.

Smokeball’s client support is also incredible. Every time I call them up for assistance, they get back to me promptly, and they always ensure they get to the bottom of the issue. They have been very helpful and thorough assisting me with my end of month reports and reconciliations.

Overall Smokeball is a fantastic and user-friendly software system. It enables flexibility, saves you time and helps you become more efficient and profitable. The investment has been worth it. I highly recommend other law firms to implement Smokeball for all their practice management needs.

Download the case study

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