Automate Every Aspect of Your Law Firm

Manage your entire firm’s tasks, reminders and document workflows with one system. Save time, reduce errors and streamline your business.


  • Never miss a To-Do!
  • Assign to anyone in the office
  • Critical info emailed daily
  • Set reminders for staff


  • Streamline processes
  • Automatically get tasks out
  • Never miss a deadline
  • Uniformity in the office

Efficiency & Collaboration

  • Attach docs directly to tasks
  • Attach emails
  • Attach templates
  • View tasks for all employees

Smokeball legal practice management software makes it simple for you and your staff to stay on top of tasks and critical dates, so you never miss a deadline. Easily prioritise tasks at a glance, with the ability to quickly see what tasks are due for completion aside your calendar. This critical information is also emailed to you every day via a daily digest and can be accessed through your law firm mobile app.

​You can delegate work by assigning tasks like MS forms automation or checking in on this month’s law firm KPI dashboard, and view your staff’s tasks so there is no panic if someone is suddenly away. This makes team collaboration extremely easy.

Smokeball's tasks and workflow feature helps you work smarter, not harder and gives you the tools necessary to escape the list tornado before you get swept away. ​

Stay on top of everything with law firm task management software

Smokeball categorises your “to do” list for every matter. Assign Tasks to yourself or other staff members. Include reminders and documents directly from the file and then transfer the document or email to others directly on the task. Set the next task on each matter as it's 'Next Step' to know where every single matter in your business stands.

​Smokeball's task and workflows help you stay on top of important dates by arranging recurring to-do items into an automated sequence of tasks. To create a new task, simply click the ‘Task’ button on the action bar in Smokeball. Each task can then be broken down into subtasks to create simple to-do lists, and Smokeball users can also assign tasks to other members of their teams. When creating a new task, pass along information to your colleagues or simply remind yourself of the important details you and your co-workers need to complete the task.​​

Use a task management system for complex workflows and never let your team forget about their top priorities

​With Smokeball’s Workflows, sets of Tasks are available to apply across your practice. Let Smokeball’s Workflows hand the correct Task, with documents included, to the correct person at the right time. Set Tasks against each other within the Workflows so that Tasks appear only when prescriptive Tasks have been completed.

From family law to estate planning, If you find yourself having to fulfil the same tasks day after day, the Workflow feature can be a major time saver. Workflows arrange your recurring to-do items into automated sequences of tasks, allowing you to stay organised no matter how much you have on your plate. Workflows can easily be applied to new and existing matters, and they can also be managed directly from the task area. With Smokeball Workflow, you’ll save valuable time, improve project consistency and create efficiencies in your business.

Daily Digest updates to manage your day

Do you have one place where you can see every task for the day? Are you constantly searching through notebooks, post-its, files and your emails? Those days are gone.With Smokeball's daily digest email feature, you will receive an email every morning covering all the upcoming tasks and events due that day. ​Our clients love to check this email via their phone on their way to work.

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