AutoTime: Automatic Time and Activity Tracking

Revolutionising the profitability of your firm, across both your time billed and your fixed fee matters.

Activity Intelligence

  • Rundown of all time spent in Smokeball, Word, and Outlook
  • Never miss a billable minute
  • Choose what is added to bills
  • See the value provided to clients


  • Automatically compile billing entries
  • No manual entry
  • Adjust times before finalising bills
  • Integration with Smokeball Billing

Profitability Analysis

  • Profit per matter
  • Profit per matter type
  • Work performed by each staff member
  • Track KPIs with accuracy

AutoTime, Smokeball’s automatic time tracking technology, will revolutionise the profitability of your firm, across both your time billed and your fixed fee matters. Multiple large scale studies have shown that the average firm is only billing 2.02 hours per fee earner per day. With AutoTime firms are billing 4.1 hours per fee earner per day on average. This equates to an additional $135k per fee earner annually. For your fixed fee work, AutoTime will show you which matters and clients are profitable and show opportunities to focus on your best work. We see that at least 2 hours of billable work every day is lost due to untracked time spent on email management, firm document management, meetings, and then with delays in filling in timesheets. At Smokeball practice management software we believe you should be getting paid for the work that you do – especially when you’re using our best in class productivity tools to minimise administrative time and maximise efficiency.

AutoTime Law Firm Time Recording Software

Everything you and your staff do within Smokeball, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Outlook is timed, tracked, and associated with the appropriate matter automatically. No need to start and stop multiple timers or try to keep up with your busy day minute-by-minute on paper.

AutoTime tracks all the time you work on each matter, starting and pausing timers, detecting when your mouse has gone idle, for all staff on all matters. This includes all the time spent in Microsoft Word generating documents, drafting and reading emails in Microsoft Outlook, creating file notes, and attending meetings and court. AutoTime then creates your time entries for you, complete with detailed descriptions, on your time billed work. You will have the ability to edit the time on these entries and make them non-billable if necessary.

  • Automatic tracking of every minute worked
  • Detailed automatic time entries that are easily editable

Law Firm Time Tracking with Staff Activity Reporting

Gain complete visibility into your staff’s output, whether working remotely or in the office. By tracking all activity by each staff member on every matter, we can show you hour by hour, day by day, exactly what work is being performed in your firm.

  • Manage staff effectively no matter where they work
  • Balance workload across your team

Automated Management Reporting

Automatic time tracking gives us the ability to show your firm the profitability of your fee earners, your practice areas, and your individual clients and matters, no matter whether the work is time billed or fixed fee. This will provide unique insights into the health of your business to enable you to optimise profitability across your practice.

  • Understand the profitability of your matters
  • See which practice areas and clients are working best for you

Automatic Time Tracking for Fixed Fee Work

Fixed-fee law firms can now see where time is being spent and the true cost of performing the work for each client. Don’t overwork your staff on matters that simply are not paying off. Counsel your fixed-fee clients and manage their expectations based on real data from law firm insights. Also, learn from past fixed-fee data to smartly staff similar matters moving forward. Whether it's staffing adjustments or actual adjustments to your fixed fees, let Smokeball help navigate this difficult territory.

Get Paid Faster with Automatic Time Tracking and Billing Software

From the time tracked each day, Smokeball’s automated billing and time-tracking software can create billing and invoicing entries without anyone in your office lifting a finger or pressing a key!

It is then easy to create your invoices, either individually or as a batch and get these out to your clients in a flash. From here we integrate with Xero or MYOB Essentials and AccountRight to complete your billing process.

‍You do valuable work and deserve to get paid for those hours; let Smokeball revolutionise your billing through our automatic time-tracking features and legal billing software.

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