Stay on top of your to-do's and critical dates so you never miss a deadline

Smokeball's Daily Digest feature shows what tasks are due for completion aside your calendar.

Daily Digest Email

  • Personalised and sent daily
  • View upcoming tasks and events
  • Easily prioritise your day
  • Stay organised

Daily Digest Pane

  • Located centrally in Smokeball
  • Keep track of due/overdue task
  • View missed calls and messages
  • Always remain up-to-date

Mobile App Feature

  • Stay effective outside the office
  • Intuitive and simple to use
  • Check on your way to work
  • Attack your day confidently

Do you have one place where you can see every task for the day? Are you constantly searching through notes, files and emails? With the best law firm practice management software, those days are gone!

Smokeball's Daily Digest feature prioritises tasks at a glance, with the ability to quickly show what tasks are due for completion aside your calendar.

​You can delegate work by assigning tasks to other staff with task management software, and view your staff’s tasks, so there is no panic if someone is suddenly away. This makes team collaboration extremely easy.

Receive a 'Daily Digest' email every morning

With Smokeball's Daily Digest feature, you will receive an email every morning with a digest of upcoming tasks and events due that day. The Daily Digest works as a personal assistant keeping you organised from the start of your day.

It allows you to see your missed calls, events and upcoming tasks at a glance from a central spot within the Smokeball. By helping you prioritise urgent and important tasks, Daily Digest makes it easy for you to get on top of your workload. ​

The feature gives you a run-down of your missed messages. When other members of your firm take your clients’ messages, they can autofill them with your client matter details and tag you, so you have everything you need to follow up.

​​The Daily Digest pane

The Daily Digest pane within Smokeball displays your schedule for the day, keeping track of your due (and overdue) tasks.

​Your Daily Digest also includes a missed call feature, which ensures you are up-to-date on your messages and know which matters take priority when following up. If you are taking a message for another member of your firm, you can tag them in the Smokeball call log, so they know to follow up upon their return.

To make life even easier, new phone messages auto-populate with information associated with client matter with details like client name, matter file name, company, and phone number so you can quickly get back to managing your matters.

Stay connected and receive updates

​​The Daily Digest is also a popular mobile feature. It delivers a clean, simple list to the Smokeball lawyer app, so you know exactly what your day ahead looks like. Our clients love to check this on their way to work.

​It is intuitive, simple to use, and it will make a huge difference in your effectiveness outside the office.

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