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Estate Administration Software

Easily and intuitively enter in your matter details to apply for Probate using Smokeball.

Smokeball legal software is perfect for probate lawyers because it allows you to easily organise your matter information and set up your client's probate application. Be prepared every time you take on a new matter.

Smokeball legal matter management software allows you to store all important information for easy access anytime. This includes executor details, deceased details, matter details, will details, application details, court forms, email management and calendar dates. Smokeball allows you to open one file for everything to do with your client's probate application.

Task management software and workflows ensure that you never miss an important date during the application process. Set up standard tasks with set deadlines and dates to use on your probate matter. With Smokeball, it’s impossible to drop the ball.

Estate Administration Matters Details Screen

Smokeball keeps your clients’ details in one easy-to-manage and secure place, with all relevant law firm documents, correspondence and Supreme Court forms.

You can enter the particulars relating to the matter in one accessible screen. This will allow you to auto-populate client and matter details in all forms and precedents within seconds, saving you significant time and boosting productivity.

Since using Smokeball software, we have effectively doubled our firm billings thanks to the unique automatic time tracking feature – AutoTime. Smokeball essentially helps you bill more without charging your clients more due to its suite of powerful productivity tools.

Estate Administration Matter Types

Smokeball provides you with the functionality to easily create the following separate or combined matters:​

  • ​​Probate (Available for NSW, VIC, QLD)
  • Letters of Administration (Available for NSW, VIC, QLD)

Automated Estate Administration Forms and Precedents

The faster and more reliably you prepare estate administration documents, the happier your clients will be. Smokeball software ensures your firm’s most-used documents and forms are automated to prepopulate in seconds. Our legal estate administration document automation, powered by the best Microsoft Word and PDF integration on the market, is unparalleled and saves firms hours of typing and re-typing.

Smokeball houses an extensive range of estate administration specific Federal, State, administrative, and publicly available forms. You and your staff will eliminate time and error by knowing that you have the most up-to-date legal documents with accurate information automatically pulled from the Smokeball file.​

See our automated estate administration forms and precedents.

Benefits of Smokeball Content

  1. Integrated with Microsoft Word
  2. Add your own precedents
  3. Customise Smokeball’s standard precedents to suit your firm
  4. Precedents are saved as templates to create standardised documents, reducing errors
  5. Your Matter information seamlessly merges with government forms, precedents or correspondence
  1. All of this content has been created by specialists in that area
  2. New forms and precedents are added by our specialists
  3. Form currency checks are made monthly to ensure that our forms are all up-to-date
  4. Advanced calculators to easily calculate stamp duty, adjustments or financial statements
  5. Over 4,750 forms and precedents currently available

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