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Thousands of automated legal forms for your area of law

Now your firm documents can be created in seconds.

Automated Forms and Precedents

  • With 4,750+ automated forms
  • Produce consistent quality work
  • No re-typing of data
  • Eliminate errors

Microsoft Word and PDF Integration

  • Accurate form generation
  • Produce in seconds
  • No repetitive document creation
  • No switching between programs

Smokeball Content Team

  • Expert automation specialists
  • Consultative
  • Request additions
  • Keep forms up to date

Using Microsoft Word or PDF automation, your documents can be created in seconds.​ With all the automated forms and precedents you need saved as templates, all company documents will become standardised so everyone produces consistent, quality work.

​Matter management and information seamlessly merges with government forms, precedents or correspondence saving you significant time and reducing errors. You can also customise and add your own precedents.

Our automated document creation software increases the productivity of your business by decreasing the amount of time it takes to draft documents, decreasing the time to proofread, and allowing other staff members to create documents on your behalf.

Legal document automation and management software
automated f legal forms in word

Worry less about re-typing information with automated forms and Word integration

The faster and more reliably you prepare documents, the happier your clients will be. Smokeball's robust integration with Microsoft Word and PDF automation, means that firm documents automatically fill in with matter information already saved in Smokeball.

With Smokeball, both simple and complex documents smartly use the information and data in the software to save time and eliminate errors from inaccurate drafting.

Being productive is not only about efficiency, but quality. It doesn’t matter how fast you complete something if it is inaccurate. By taking the human element out with automated document management, you are eliminating the risk of errors.

Move seamlessly between Smokeball, Word or PDF documents to generate automated precedents and forms with ease

The faster you can produce automated forms and documents, the more volume you can take and the more profit for your business. Document workflow automation is even tracked by Smokeball’s automatic law firm time recording software time tracking so you even know exactly how much time is spent and saved.

The ability to move seamlessly between Smokeball and Word, generate PDFs in one click and automatically track your time document assembly - that’s the Smokeball difference.

legal document management
automated document creation software

Best legal document management system customised to your preference

You’ve spent time perfecting your businesses standard documents, you know your process — let’s not start from scratch. With Smokeball’s legal document automation software capabilities, your current forms will look exactly the way you like them, only smarter.

​Smokeball’s experienced content team are continually working to provide you with up-to-date and timely content all year round. They will also work with your business to improve document management and set up your forms and precedents within Smokeball.

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Smokeball’s powerful legal document automation with robust Microsoft Word integration would have to be my favourite software feature. All your legal forms and letters automatically fill with the matter information already saved in Smokeball. This saves serious time and eliminates the need to manually input information before submitting

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