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Smokeball AI.
Seamless, smart assistance.

Smokeball AI helps you do more in less time by assisting with tasks like information gathering, drafting correspondence and matter summaries.
From lead intake and matter management to billing, Smokeball AI streamlines your workflow effortlessly. Discover how our legal AI software is revolutionising the way law firms operate.

Smokeball AI helps you build your best firm

Smokeball's AI software for law firms contains a suite of powerful tools seamlessly integrated into  familiar features, leveraging the magic of generative AI securely within our Smokeball environment.

Smokeball AI is here to save you time, streamline workflows, and boost efficiency in your firm.

Meet Archie

Your AI Matter Assistant beautifully integrated into Smokeball and woven into every detail of your matter delivering insights and answers in real time.

‍Simply "Ask Archie.”

  • Safe and secure instant answers to your matter questions
  • Draft client correspondence in a snap
  • Summarise matters quickly
A screenshot of a laptop with Smokeball software showing.

Smarter intake powered by AI

Intake boosted by Smokeball AI, streamlines the creation of custom intake forms, ensuring you get the information you need.

  • Upload and digitise existing forms in a click
  • Create forms tailored to your needs and areas of law
  • Included with LeadPro and MatterFlow

Communication, enhanced!

Get up to speed fast – with a simple click! Communicate boosted by Smokeball AI summarises messaging and correspondence. Quickly and easily find out where you left off.

  • Get conversation summaries with a single click
  • Summaries are only visible to staff
  • Available in Boost, Grow, and Prosper+
A screenshot of a laptop with Smokeball software showing.

Time tracking made easier

Coming soon. AutoTime - boosted by Smokeball AI - generates beautiful, detailed descriptions of the hard work you're billing for:

  • Accurately bill with ease
  • Eliminate manual descriptions
  • Provide clients peace of mind

Integration partners


Our partners InfoTrack are streamlining conveyancing matter management by reducing manual data entry into Smokeball. Through the power of AI, a Smokeball conveyancing matter will be created with all essential data extracted from a contract of sale in moments.

A screenshot of a laptop with Smokeball software showing.
Discover AI integration partners in our Marketplace
“AI won’t replace you, but those who 

use it will soon eclipse those who don’t.”

Hunter Steele, Smokeball CEO

Smokeball AI’s Commitment to Privacy

We’re passionate about how AI can help you run your best firm in the most responsible and secure way possible. Rest easy, knowing that your firm's and your client's data are safe and secure. All Smokeball AI features, including Archie, operate in a secure ring fenced environment. Your data is never shared outside of Smokeball or used to train AI models.

Visit our Privacy Policy for more information.

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Want to know more about
Smokeball AI for law firms?

What is Smokeball AI?
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Smokeball AI is a suite of tools embedded in Smokeball designed to enhance our legal practice management features.
Where is Smokeball AI available in the Smokeball product?
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Currently you’ll find Smokeball AI feature enhancements in LeadPro (intake) and Communicate with AutoTime being released soon. Archie is our AI matter assistant available as an add-on with Grow or Prosper.
Is Smokeball AI secure?
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Because Smokeball AI is referencing data stored within Smokeball you can rest assured that responses are both secure and sourced from documents and data you have provided. Read our privacy policy.
Do I have to pay for Smokeball AI?
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Smokeball AI feature enhancements across LeadPro (intake), Communicate and AutoTime are available if you already have these features in your Smokeball product (Grow and Prosper). Archie, your AI matter assistant, is available as an add-on to both Grow and Prosper.

See how Smokeball can help you run your best firm

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Why more firms choose Smokeball
World-classmatter management

Matter management that comes built for your area of law with intuitive workflows and smart features, that make it easy to stay organised and get more work done in less time.

Automatic time + activity tracking

Smokeball is the only software that automatically and accurately tracks your whole day, revolutionising how your law firm records time.

Document automation +prebuilt form library

Smokeball houses thousands of automated legal forms for every practice area. Prepopulate firm documents with matter information already saved in Smokeball.

Firm insights + reporting

We unlock the power of your firm’s data through powerful insights and reporting, that make it easier to run a smarter, more profitable firm that attracts the right clients.

Flexible billing + accounting

Smokeball includes all the tools you need to effortlessly manage your debtors and execute your billing with ease, plus the peace of mind that you are completely compliant.

Seamless document + email integration

Smokeball and Word power quick document creation, and Smokeball paired with Outlook means automated email saving and management.

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