Use the Latest Cloud Technology

Collaborate with staff and clients in real time in the cloud from wherever you are.

Cloud Technology

  • Data available immediately
  • Work anywhere on any device
  • Unlimited storage
  • Collaborate with staff in real time

Live Data Syncing

  • Work seamlessly with no delay
  • Easy team collaboration
  • Central and automatic saving
  • Back up data with one click

Mobile App

  • View all files and docs
  • Call, text, or email contacts
  • All To-Dos and events

Smokeball's legal software, accessible on PC, tablet, or smartphone, empowers you to work from anywhere. Cloud technology ensures instant access to data across all devices, boosting productivity.

Live data synchronisation facilitates easy collaboration and simplifies legal matter management without delays.

Stay productive with the Smokeball mobile app

Stay productive away from your deskwith the Smokeball mobile app.

- Review your day on the daily digest

- Access important matter information

- Upload images taken from your phone

- View or add new calendar events

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