Use the Latest Cloud Technology

The robust mobile app and hybrid cloud-based technology gives you the flexibility to work from any location and both online/offline regardless of internet connectivity.

Hybrid Cloud Technology

  • Data available immediately
  • Work anywhere on any device
  • Unlimited storage
  • Work offline

Live Data Syncing

  • Work seamlessly with no delay
  • Easy team collaboration
  • Central and automatic saving
  • Back up data with one click

Mobile App

  • View all files and docs
  • Call, text, or email contacts
  • All To-Dos and events
  • Never be caught off guard

Available on a PC, tablet or smartphone, you will have the freedom to work from anywhere. Legal software with cloud technology means all data is available almost immediately on all your devices in any location.

Live data synchronisation allows multiple users to work seamlessly on the same matter without any delay for intuitive legal matter management. You can back up your data locally within one click or simply request a copy anytime.

Hybrid cloud computing for lawyers with live data syncing​

Smokeball’s hybrid cloud-based system with live data syncing allows for unlimited cloud storage while still allowing local computer access. This is especially beneficial if you need to obtain important data without an internet connection, which is great if you're on the go, travelling or working regionally with bad internet connections.

The minute a document is created with our automated document creation software, it’s saved in the cloud. If you have staff working remotely documents can be accessed from anywhere. The Live Data Synchronisation also allows multiple users to work seamlessly on the same matter without any delay.

Your data is also far safer with a reputable cloud provider than on a server in your office. This is extremely important when taking into consideration the escalation of cybercrime.

The Best Legal Cloud Technology and Mobile Phone App

The free mobile app allows you to access your matters on the go. By having important information about your matters and clients at your fingertips, Smokeball helps you better service your clients:

  • Review your day on the Daily Digest
  • Review important matter information (including documents, emails and memos). You can also upload images taken from your phone.
  • Call, text, or email contacts
  • View calendar events or quickly add more important events
  • View, add, and complete tasks with task management software

The mobile app is available for free on iPhone and Android.

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