Effective Communication for the Modern Law Firm

Keep yourself organised, your communications secure, and your clients up to speed.

Boost Security

  • Secure messaging and file sharing
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Data encryption
  • FaceID + fingerprint authorisation

Boost Efficiency

  • Easy to follow functionality
  • Instant updates/communication
  • Everything you need on one page
  • No more scrolling through emails

Boost Connectivity

  • Access web portal anywhere at any time via any web browser
  • ​Free iPhone and Android app
  • Receive real time notifications

Cybercrime has rapidly increased in recent years, with email fraud being the primary tactic of attackers. Law firms represent an attractive target for cybercriminals, considering they are small businesses that deal with large financial transactions.

Email is deemed insecure, and many lawyers are worried about their emails being hacked. In response, we have developed Communicate, a secure file sharing and messaging platform. The first of its kind within the Australian legal industry and it's included in your practice management software.

Communicate was designed specifically with legal professionals in mind. It's packed full of features to ensure you get the best experience from your legal matter management software and you remain up to date throughout its life cycle.

Easy to use, conversational style, secure messaging

Using Communicate Smokeball users or third parties can:

  • View and comment on files received
  • Upload files
  • Read and send messages all from a secure browser or mobile app, removing the need for email

​Communicate will benefit lawyers and conveyancers:

  • Who are concerned about poor email security
  • Firms who want to improve how they communicate with their matter parties
  • Firms who want to provide their clients with a single view of all their important matter files and instructions

Get to know Communicate​

1. Conversations
​The left panel is where active conversations (matters) live. You're able to see the matter information and people who are in the conversation.
2. Message and File tabs
You can change your view from "Messages" to the "File" tab if you wish to only review the documents sent or received during the conversation.
3. Your profile
Your user information will display in the top right hand corner of the screen. By clicking on your name, you can sign out or update your information.
4. Your message
Messages sent by you will display on the right in blue. You can Edit, Copy or Delete messages.
5. Sending messages
Type your messages into the bar. If you wish to send an attachment, simply upload with one click.

What is it that makes Communicate so secure?

​1. Multi-Factor Authentication
Unlike email, Communicate requires multi-factor authentication to gain access to information. So, if someone hacks your email they will be unable to open Communicate without also having access to your phone.
2. Data Encryption
Messages are encrypted and unable to be intercepted by third parties while they are in transit.
3. Device/ IP Address memory
Once multi-factor authentication is complete, Communicate will remember your device and unless you are logging in using a trusted device, you will be required to identify yourself again.
4. Passwordless
Communicate is completely passwordless. This is because passwords are proving to be extremely insecure as hackers are finding ways to guess or copy the password from another platform that is less secure.
5. Terminated access
If for any reason both your computer and phone device are compromised, you can completely remove access to a conversation.

A dedicated mobile app for your law firm (and your clients)

The Communicate mobile app makes it easy for you to access your conversation and receive real-time notifications when something has been updated.

Using the app ensures full functionality of the features in Communicate along with the additional security of FaceID and fingerprint authorisation.

The mobile app is available for both iPhone and Android users and is completely free. The app comes with an abundance of functionality and is the best way for you to benefit from the tool.

Correspond and collaborate internally

When Smokeball users started using Communicate for secure file sharing and messaging with their clients, they immediately saw the value in utilising a similar tool in-house. Collaborating and corresponding with your colleagues via phone, email and verbally is inconsistent, time-consuming and difficult to obtain all the information you require.​

In response, we developed Communicate Direct Messages, Internal Matter Conversations and Channels. These features were designed specifically to enhance internal law firm communication and collaboration.

With Communicate Direct Messages you receive the benefit of user-friendly conversational style messaging through the same secure platform that you correspond with your clients. Internal Matter Conversations give you the ability to correspond in relation to a specific matter. Communicate Channels are a great way to create a group conversation with your staff in relation to key topics like firm policies & procedures, coffee club or social committee.

See all of our features

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