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Luke Shanahan

Principal Solicitor​, QLD

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Smokeball is great in that you can easily view your business numbers at a glance in the KPI dashboard. You can see how you are performing, productivity levels, and if you’re meeting targets for billables and time spent. It does an amazing job. You don’t have to go mining through numbers.

I started Shanahan Family Law to offer people a cost-effective way to resolve family law matters and acknowledge that people are not numbers. 

We’re relatively new to Smokeball Legal Software, however I’m very glad we made the transition. It is easy to use, covers all our practice management needs, and also includes Law Society approved trust accounting and billing.

Smokeball’s Firm Insights dashboard and reporting does a fantastic job of being able to view your most important data at a glance. You don’t have to go mining through numbers. You can see how you’re performing and your productivity levels. You can access reports and snapshots on your screen. It’s that old saying, ‘take care of the cents, so the dollars can take care of themselves’. Using Smokeball you will meet your annual targets if you’re looking at your daily and weekly productivity levels and striving to hit these targets.

With new features and integrations like FamilyProperty coming on board, Smokeball software is constantly evolving. We’re not a large organisation, and we don’t have the time to go out and grasp new technology, so it’s excellent that Smokeball is consistently adding new powerful tools and integration seamlessly within their all-in-one platform.

One of the best things about Smokeball is the ability to create your own law firm forms and precedents. They also have a extensive library of automated forms with billables, so you can accurately produce legal documents in seconds using the information you've already entered in Smokeball.

There are so many shiny tools out there, but at the end of the day, we provide a service. We can streamline legal services, but we will always maintain that same facet of a service-based profession. If there’s a technology that comes along, that can shave time off the way we do things, and that enables us to pass those savings onto the client, then fantastic, we will adopt it. Smokeball has empowered us to achieve this, and it helps us maintain our focus on helping people.

Download the case study

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