​From intake to balance sheet, disclosure to settlement,​ ​​FamilyProperty makes it easy to manage financial separations.

To help our clients run their family law matters efficiently from start to finish, Smokeball legal practice management software is integrated seamlessly with FamilyProperty.

FamilyProperty is a unified platform that automates and streamlines the tedious, manual and error-prone aspects of family law matters, empowering you to focus on practising law.

​With FamilyProperty embedded directly in Smokeball you will save time on tasks that you cannot bill and remove tasks that are cumbersome and contribute to staff stress.

Flexible intake questionnaires

​Family law financial matters are complex. Understanding and capturing important information from your clients can be difficult. The FamilyProperty intake questionnaire has been crafted from the Financial Statement using everyday language, and covers all aspects of a Family law financial matter. You can define which aspects you would like your clients to complete, tailoring the experience for each of their unique financial situations.

Work with the most powerful Balance Sheet in the industry

​Easy to learn, powerful enough for any asset pool. The FamilyProperty balance sheet supports target percentage outcomes, sub-balance sheets, two-pool calculations, cash adjustments and versioning. Compare proposals, and visually see the points in dispute. The best part? Store all relevant documents provided by your client and the other party right in your balance sheet, and convert your on-screen balance sheet into legal documents with a click of a button.

Two-way disclosure that's as simple as sharing a link

Empower your clients to upload files to you via a client portal that recommends to them what to upload. Provide access to your disclosed files with the other party simply by sharing a link to your disclosure portal. The disclosure portal is like a "Dropbox" experience, only built for family law disclosure as the other party can upload disclosed files right back to you, with everything automatically categorised against the right item in your balance sheet.

Generate the document you need at a click of a button

From Balance Sheets to Heads of Agreements, Chronologies to Financial Statements and document indexes, FamilyProperty can generate a huge range of documents in Word and Excel formats anytime you need them. You can download our templates and customise them to reflect your organisation's brand and identity. Everything you see on the screen can be converted into a professional document or Court form at a click of a button.

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