Easily schedule, host, and track Zoom meetings directly in Smokeball.

Conduct business remotely without sacrificing productivity.

Videoconferencing is now a core way of communicating with your colleagues and clients. We are now spending more time than ever in video calls, and managing meeting IDs and tracking the time spent in calls can be a difficult process.

You can now enjoy a seamless way to incorporate video into your law firm workflow. We’ve enhanced your firm collaboration by integrating Smokeball with the most popular video conferencing application on the market - Zoom, to provide you with:

  • Automated meeting ID generation in events
  • Start your meetings straight from Smokeball
  • Accurate activity tracking of the time spent in your meetings

Enhance communication and host meetings with ease

Replicate face-to-face communication with colleagues and clients alike without exiting the Smokeball application. Your Zoom meetings can be set up and started, all in the one place.

You can access the Zoom integration from the main Smokeball screen and within a Matter, and quickly create a new Smokeball event with a pre-populated Zoom ID and meeting link. When the event is ready to start, simply select the meeting you wish to attend, click the link, and this will launch you straight into your meeting.

Accurately track and bill for client meetings

Best of all, once your Zoom meeting is complete, Smokeball will automatically and accurately track the time spent in that meeting and log this activity back to the relevant matter.

This provides complete transparency into your time spent and allows you to bill for your valuable time accordingly.

Add Zoom to your lawyer toolbox and a seamlessly continue day-to-day work

Video conferencing is a realistic way to get face time with your team and your clients. Doing so helps keep engagement high and adds a level of authority and trust for clients who are unable to meet in person.

Smokeball includes seamless Zoom integration, so firms can video chat directly in our software— users no longer must use a third-party app or take extensive notes to save back into a matter later. It’s all in one place.To learn more book a free personalised demo or contact our team on 1300 33 55 53.
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