Improve firm cash flow, reduce time spent chasing debtors, and enhance the client experience with Stripe credit card payments.

Online payments powered by Stripe

At Smokeball, we are passionate about delivering innovative technology tools that help small law firms manage their client payments with ease. Our online payment functionality powered by Stripe provides a simple and secure way to send, receive and record all client payments directly within Smokeball Billing. It is a smarter way to keep the cash flowing for your law firm.

By significantly reducing the time it takes to request and obtain payments will allow you to focus on what you do best - providing high-quality legal services for your clients.

Make it easy for clients to pay you

We have partnered with Stripe to offer a seamless credit card payment option that features a simple ‘pay now’ button on all your firm invoices, so your clients can pay you directly from the invoice using their preferred payment method.

This ease of use will make it simple for clients to pay you; anywhere, anytime and on any device. While helping you save hours chasing up overdue invoices. Stripe software facilitates the seamless transaction and ensures that the money is deposited and shown within the matter in Smokeball Billing.

Enhance the client experience

The client experience doesn’t end with receiving a service — it extends to invoicing and payment. Smokeball and Stripe will enhance the client experience your firm delivers by allowing you to securely send online invoices that are clearly identifiable with your business details.

Your customised and professional-looking invoices will project a modern brand image for your firm and are more likely to be taken seriously and paid sooner.

Spend less time chasing payments, and
get back to practising law

Invoicing is an essential function for small law firms but managing client payments doesn’t have to be the chore that it once was. With Smokeball and Stripe, you can tap into powerful tools and put these tips into practice, making it easy for your clients to pay you.

If you have any questions regarding our powerful Stripe integration or you would like to learn how Smokeball can help you improve your firm’s cashflow, schedule a free personalised demonstration or reach out to our team on 1300 33 55 53.

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