Complete your conveyancing matters electronically from start to ​finish with our Next Generation InfoTrack integration.

Fast and easy searching

  • Save 40% in time ordering searches
  • Access from within Smokeball
  • Avoid manual bookkeeping
  • Real-time cost recoveries

Eliminate errors

  • Info mapped into search fields
  • Matter info is auto-completed on creation of the eSettlement
  • No re-keying of data

Complete eConveyancing

  • Verification of Identity
  • Certificates and searches
  • Contract and signing
  • Exchange and eSettlement

As the leading innovators in legal technology, Smokeball and InfoTrack provide you with a suite of best in market productivity tools to make your firm more efficient than ever. This seamless integration will transform your practice, bringing simplicity and ease to your matters through eliminating repeat data entry and the need to jump between multiple systems and internet tabs.

​Did you know? Utilising Smokeball's InfoTrack integration you can:​

  • Quickly and easily create matters using a Title Search.
  • Eliminate the need to re-enter the same information multiple times.
  • Seamlessly order all searches, certificates and contracts and have them  saved back into Smokeball.
  • Access premium solutions like WebVOI and Court Sync with a click.​
InfoTrack integration

Five benefits of integrating Smokeball with InfoTrack

Fast and easy searching

Save 40% in time when ordering searches from within Smokeball via our integration partner, InfoTrack*. Integrating with InfoTrack allows you to order your searches directly from within a matter without having to access a separate system. Information from Smokeball is mapped into search fields and completed search results are returned in real-time. You will also save valuable time by avoiding manual bookkeeping entries.

True integration

Save time by accessing all commonly ordered searches from within Smokeball, with search fields auto-populated and search results returned directly back to each matter, with no delay.

Real-time cost recoveries

Save money by avoiding disbursement write-offs using real-time cost recovery. All disbursements are automatically returned to the Smokeball matter, removing the manual process of entering cost recoveries.

Eliminate errors

Matter information will be auto-completed on creation of the electronic settlement provider workspace. Removing the need to re-key data and reducing the risk of errors.

eConveyancing ready with electronic settlement provider integration

With the Government’s timeline for complete digital transactions by July 2019, firms are quickly moving to electronic conveyancing. Complete electronic conveyancing is available from within Smokball, including:

VOI > certificates and searches > contract > signing > exchange and electronic settlement.

InfoTrack integration for lawyers

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