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FileMan now integrates with Smokeball

Level up your security and simplify the archiving of all your closed files with FileMan’s integration with Smokeball.

As a legal professional, we’re sure you're well acquainted with the sight of numerous stacked boxes at the back of the office holding all closed files.  

This filing system often proves to be frustrating, inefficient, and time-consuming when attempting to locate a case from several years ago. Now, there is a convenient solution to eliminate the clutter with a few easy clicks.  

We have partnered with FileMan, the leading experts in legal archiving, so you can have all your closed files collected, organised, and stored in state-of-the-art secure facilities via a few easy clicks in Smokeball.  

FileMan has delivered exceptional cost savings to their clients, outlining that on average, they have helped to reduce the operational costs of a small law firm by $42k over seven years.  

We are thrilled to announce the launch of this integration to help our clients level up their security and simplify their archiving.  

Discover the Benefits of FileMan for You and Your Firm

1. Reduce your overhead and declutter the office

Simply organise a time for FileMan to come and collect your files. They will then transport it over to their secure storage facility.  

2. Instant access to archived files through an online portal  

FileMan’s online portal will allow you to retrieve physical files, view files and even authorise destruction – all at your fingertips.  

3. Level up your security  

Rest assured that all your clients’ sensitive and confidential information will be kept in a secure location that more than meets the Law Society requirements.  

The FileMan and Smokeball integration transforms the digital archiving experience

Once FileMan has been integrated with Smokeball, you can create a rule to automatically update the status to closed when FileMan receives and scans the first pages of the file of a matter.

Access the FileMan online portal via Smokeball in a few clicks

Once inside the FileMan portal, you can access everything you need to stay on top of your archived files.


The dashboard view provides a high-level summary of all the closed files.

Retrieve physical files

If you need to access physical files, just submit the retrieval request.

Organise destruction of files

When it is time to do a clean, you can organise the destruction of files quickly and efficiently.  

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May 24, 2023