Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Smokeball?

We are an Australian owned company that specialises in software for lawyers and conveyancers. We have over 2000 firms Australia and over 4400 users in the United States.

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Is Smokeball cloud based?

Yes, but it also allows you to work offline. For example, if you are on a plane or somewhere with no internet, you can create new documents or access information previously opened on the device.

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Who owns my data?

You do!

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What type of computer and specs do I need?

Smokeball runs on PCs with more than 8gb RAM, that are running Windows 10 with Office 365. See our system requirements.

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Does the Smokeball phone app run on both iPhone and Android?


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What OS's does the Smokeball Phone app support?
  • iOS 10 and up
  • Android v8 and up
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    Does Smokeball support a Mac operating systems?

    No, unfortunately we do not support Mac computers or laptops.

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    How do I install Smokeball on my computer?

    Simply contact our Support Team on 1300 33 55 53 to install right away!

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    Can you install and train me remotely?

    Yes, we will happily on-board you and provide you with training and ongoing support remotely or face-to-face. You are also able to join one of our weekly online webinar training sessions on a variety of topics. You can view our upcoming training webinar dates or listen to recordings on our Support Hub.

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    Do you keep forms and precedents up-to-date?

    Yes, we have a dedicated content team who maintain everything, including lodgement fees and stamp duty calculations.

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    Can I add my own precedents to Smokeball?

    Yes, and this is something we can assist with. Most conveyancers have their own tailored precedents, which we will happily assist you to import and automate.

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    Does Smokeball do data backups?

    Yes, and you can back up all your matters, documents and emails with the click of a button.

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    How easy is it to get my data out of Smokeball?

    Very easy. We have a number of ways in which you can export your data and you can also run a backup to store all client and matter information locally.

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    Does Smokeball integrate with PEXA?

    Yes, you can learn more on our PEXA Integration page.

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    Does Smokeball run free Continuing Professional Development Educational webinars and seminars?

    Yes, you can view our upcoming seminars and webinars on our Events page.

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