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Legal Ethics in the AI Era: Challenges and Solutions for Legal Professionals

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

12:30pm - 2:00pm AEDT

1.5 CPD Points

Join us for an insightful webinar designed to navigate the complex ethical landscape introduced by artificial intelligence (AI) in the legal profession. As AI technologies advance across various aspects of legal work, including research, case management, and document preparation, understanding and tackling the ethical implications is becoming increasingly vital.

This webinar, featuring a distinguished panel of legal experts and innovators in legal technology, will provide an in-depth exploration of AI ethics within the legal sector. Key topics will include safeguarding client confidentiality, ensuring data privacy, preventing AI-induced evidence tampering, adhering to ethical billing practices, and upholding legal professionals' accountability when implementing AI solutions. 

Participants will not only gain insights into the ethical challenges posed by AI but will also learn about various AI tools available for law firms and strategies for their ethical application. This session promises to equip legal professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to ethically integrate AI into their practices, ensuring both compliance with professional standards and the enhancement of legal service delivery.


‍*If you are in the legal industry you can claim 1 CPD point per hour of attendance for Smokeball events under the category of Practice Management and Business Skills. Conditions may differ for each state, so please check with your industry body to confirm eligibility. Smokeball is also not responsible for keeping track of individuals' attendance and acquired CPD points.
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