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Improving Productivity & Profitability through Psychological Safety & Inclusion

Conversations about psychological safety, inclusion and diversity are ever-increasing but why are these concepts important and how do they affect our daily lives or businesses? How can inclusion help our teams, clients and bottom line?

This session looks beyond theories, concepts, and explores how these ‘hot button’ concepts affect us, our business and the clients we serve in practical, tangible terms. In this session, attendees will takeaway the following learnings.

  • What is psychological safety and the importance of creating psychological safe spaces in the workplace
  • The relationship between psychological safety and inclusion
  • How to effectively build and maintain psychologically safe and inclusive workplaces

Presented by Sheetal Deo, collaborator, lawyer, advocate and educator.


‍*If you are in the legal industry you can claim 1 CPD point per hour of attendance for Smokeball events under the category of Practice Management and Business Skills. Conditions may differ for each state, so please check with your industry body to confirm eligibility. Smokeball is also not responsible for keeping track of individuals' attendance and acquired CPD points.
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