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Smokeball Now Integrates with Vxt – The Phone System for Lawyers

Capture more of your billable hours with Vxt and Smokeball.

Phone calls are often the number one culprit for lost time during the day for small law firms. Don’t lose time and money on phone calls again with Smokeball’s all-new integration with Vxt - the phone system for lawyers.  

This new seamless integration will enable Smokeball users to capture more billable hours, automate administrative work and build better client relationships.

Meet Vxt

Vxt is a smart communications platform that has been purpose-built for law firms. Vxt has tailored its VoIP (Voice over IP) technology to the way lawyers work – incorporating call transcription, recording, and time-tracking into their workflow.  

Lawyers using Vxt report that they are now capturing 40% more billable time from phone calls through leveraging the platform’s powerful automatic time entry and record-keeping tools.  

How Vxt works with Smokeball

Here's how Smokeball and Vxt work together to raise the bar for lawyer-client communication:

Seamless contact syncing

Contact syncing ensures your Smokeball contacts are available in Vxt and always up to date. When contact syncing is enabled, you can easily identify incoming calls from Smokeball contacts and make calls to your existing contacts. Additionally, any communication records that Vxt creates will be automatically associated with any matching Smokeball contacts.

Automatically track + bill calls  

The integration between Vxt and Smokeball eliminates the manual work from call billing and ensures that the time spent on the phone is accurately recorded. All phone calls, initiated and received, are automatically tracked, and converted into time entries, so you can confidently bill for the value you provide.

Record + save calls

When you finish a call in Vxt, a communication record for the relevant Smokeball matter will be created for the call, along with details of who the call was with, any notes you take for the call, and the call transcription.

Transcribe calls with ease

With a click of a button, you can access a full transcript of your phone calls. You also have the ability save these transcriptions back to Smokeball and associate them with the applicable matter.  

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Dec 13, 2022