Smokeball Makes the Podium with WRK+ and Great Place to Work Listings

We are thrilled to share that Smokeball has made the podium in two high-profile employee engagement listings in 2022!

We are thrilled to share that Smokeball recently made the podium in two high-profile employee engagement listings for 2022!

Smokeball placed number three out of the top 20 companies with over 100 employees, in the WRK+ employee engagement survey which measures almost 60,000 employees from 127 organisations across Australia. We surveyed all employees on how they feel about their workplace through their relationship with the organisation, their work and their team, we achieved an average rating of 94 per cent across all categories from its 149 team members.

We received our podium place based on the transparency of our vision and tracking of results throughout the whole company, along with the trust we place in our people. This is a behaviour under our core value of ‘Assuming Positive Intent’ which supports all people through understanding the continued blurring of work and personal lives. This gives employees options around working non-traditional hours and in flexible ways, as our company is results-focused rather than process orientated.

“When we survey our team about what they love most about working at Smokeball, the number one response, every time, is the people,” says Eve Pinamoura, Director of People and Culture, Smokeball. “Our team shares great ambition, while living our number one core value ‘Caring is not optional.’ We often talk about Smokeball as a place to ‘choose your own adventure,’ with a variety of career path opportunities, inspiring our people to do their best work and drive change for our community. I feel so lucky to be part of Smokeball’s journey, and to work with such a passionate, fun and intelligent team”.

Additionally, the Great Place to Work list presented Smokeball 27th place in the medium organisations category, with 97 per cent of employees at Smokeball saying it is a great place to work compared to 56 per cent of employees at a typical Australia-based company. This year’s Great Place to Work 2022 assessments scored how companies operate in the post-pandemic ‘new normal’ including wellness, flexibility, and diversity & inclusion as key criteria.

Scored across 23 different categories including caring, justice, camaraderie, fairness, leadership behaviour and engagement, Smokeball scored higher than the medium company average in every single category with an overall average of 96 per cent satisfaction across all categories.

Hunter Steele, CEO, Smokeball notes “I am incredibly proud that Smokeball has been recognised as a great place to work by so many specialists that compare organisations across sectors and the country. Since day one at Smokeball, we have had the belief that true success in any business is having a place where people love what they do, love the people they work with, to build something worthwhile and to deliver strong results. As we strive to build a company that can deliver on all these promises it is the Smokeballers who show up every day that make it not only possible but come true! This recognition is all about our amazing people.”

David Broadfoot, Head of Engineering – Productivity, Smokeball adds “I’ve been at Smokeball for over 11 years and am proud to be a part of Smokeball’s growth from a small start-up to a premier legal tech company – I am even more excited by what lies ahead! We’ve built an amazing product with a talented team of engineers that are dedicated, down to earth and alike a laugh. Every day, we push the boundaries of what can be achieved with a hybrid cloud and native application to better the lives of the small law community.”

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Aug 24, 2022