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Smokeball joins forces with eBrief Ready

Never compile a brief manually for Counsel again.

As a legal professional, you know compiling briefs for Counsel can be complex, expensive, and time-consuming when using traditional PDF compiling tools and printouts.  

For law firms looking to speed up their processes, ensure accuracy and proper formatting, and keep their Barristers happy - we’re proud to announce Smokeball’s new powerful partnership with eBrief Ready.

Meet eBrief Ready

eBrief Ready is the next generation of electronic briefing. It is a purpose-built platform for Australian legal professionals. Their innovative technology ensures users have only one ‘source of truth’ to manage.

eBrief Ready allows legal professionals to annotate directly on documents, bundle and organise documents automatically, and search for information instantly on any device, in any location - all in a highly secure environment.

Features to optimise the electronic briefing process.

eBrief Ready and Smokeball are the perfect pair to drive your law firm into the future.  

Here’s how the integration makes things easy for busy legal professionals:

Smokeball eBrief Ready Integration

Upload documents with ease

Easily access any documents stored in Smokeball and upload them to eBrief Ready in seconds using a simple drop and drag function.

Automated court books and bundling

Automatically compile, index, and paginate court books to present them in a professional and court-friendly manner. Cover all bases and eliminate the risk of errors and oversights during the preparation process.

No fuss sharing

Provide easy and quick access to your digital briefs with barristers, clients, expert witnesses, and your entire team. Plus, never clog an inbox with large attachments again.

Smart search and organisation

Ensure that the content in your files is crisp and complete with relevant bookmarks and appendices. Quickly search through thousands of pages with instant scan-to-text technology.

Real-time collaboration

Access, edit and collaborate with your team on all briefs and documents whether you’re in the office, at home or at the courthouse.

Want to experience the next generation of electronic briefing?

If you’re already a Smokeball user, you can start using eBrief Ready today.

If you’re not yet a Smokeball client, get started by booking your free personalised software demonstration.  

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Nov 22, 2022