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Enhance Your Practice with Marketplace Precedents: Newly Added Fertility and Surrogacy Law Precedents

If you are a Family, Fertility or Surrogacy Lawyer, we have Precedents available for you in Smokeball

At Smokeball, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive resources and tools for law firms across all practice areas. That's why we are thrilled to announce news of significant growth in our Marketplace Precedents service, now encompassing the field of Fertility and Surrogacy Law.  

We have partnered with Cassandra Kalpaxis, the Principal Lawyer of Kalpaxis Legal to launch, Mastering Fertility Law. Cassandra is a renowned expert in Fertility Law with over 10 years of experience. She was one of the first practitioners practising in Fertility and Surrogacy across Australia, so her precedents have been crafted over the years to match the unique experiences of each of her fertility clients. Cassandra’s deep understanding of the legal intricacies surrounding fertility-related matters makes her an invaluable resource for law firms seeking guidance and support in this specialised area.

Which Firms Can Benefit from Mastering Fertility Law?

Law firms working on cases involving Family, Fertility and Surrogacy Law will find great value in subscribing to Mastering Fertility Law. Cassandra's expertise extends to these areas, allowing firms to access specialised resources that address the unique legal challenges associated with fertility-related matters. Whether it is navigating complex family dynamics or handling intricate fertility agreements, Mastering Fertility Law offers the tools needed to excel in this evolving field.  

An Extensive Precedent Package  

Mastering Fertility Law provides a robust precedent package that includes 25 meticulously crafted documents. These precedents cover a wide range of fertility-related matters, enabling law firms to handle various scenarios efficiently and effectively. Among the standout documents that showcase the offering's quality are the Preconception Surrogacy Agreement and the Donor Agreement, which have been specifically developed by Cassandra to meet the unique needs of fertility clients.  

Precedents for All States

One of the notable advantages of the Mastering Fertility Law offering is that its precedents are suitable for use in all states. This means that regardless of your firm's location, you can confidently rely on these well-crafted and comprehensive documents to streamline your practice and ensure compliance with the legal requirements in your jurisdiction.  

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Jul 19, 2023