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Firm Owner & Manager Stream

Key Metrics for Small Law Success
With Hunter Steele

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Delivering a Delightful Client Experience
With Bianca Bowron-Cuthill

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Marketing Your Legal Practice Without The Overwhelm
With Mel Telecican

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Implementing Fixed Fee Pricing Successfully
With Clarissa Rayward

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State of Small Law Billing Survey Results
With Jane Oxley and Peter Frankl

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New Legal Tech Innovations
With Adele Hoyle

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Practical Training Stream

[Keynote] Automating Your Day
With Tony Hastings

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Enhancing Law Firm Collaboration
With Maria Mastroianni

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Top 3 Tips to Get the Most out of Smokeball
With Francine Battiato

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Gain Control of Your Legal Billing
With Selby Chan

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Supercharge Your Matter Productivity
With Brendan Smart & Michael Wong

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