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Save hours drafting legal documents from scratch and leverage our new high-quality precedent library

Connecting you with your community

Introducing Marketplace Precedents, a new service that connects you with professionally crafted precedents, from your industry peers.​

Save hours and leverage the legal IP and experience

Don’t waste time drafting documents from scratch and leverage the legal IP built into this new library of precedents, from those who have been doing it for decades.

Peace of mind, precedents are always up to date

We are actively partnering with specialist legal firms to bring you high-quality and up-to-date precedents, ranging from Conveyancing to Commercial and Family Law.

How does it work?

Marketplace Precedents is a new subscription-based add-on service that connects you to a library of professionally crafted precedents. Providing practical and timely precedents, forms, and reference materials authored by experienced practising lawyers throughout Australia.

Marketplace Precedent resources are accessible via Smokeball, allowing precedents to be seamlessly populated with matter data. Whatever your area of practice, there are precedents to help you work faster and smarter.

Precedents Online

We currently offer a suite of Commercial Law precedents drafted by Precedents Online. An optional add on to your existing Smokeball subscription from $109 + GST a month, per firm*

Eric Kalde, the main contributor to Precedents Online, offers 25+ years of experience running his own Law Firm specialising in Commercial Law and over 10 years of experience drafting legal documents for publication.

Precedents Online offers high quality and up-to-date precedents that are now available in Smokeball's Marketplace Precedents.

We currently offer these key documents, as well as many more:

  • Shareholders Agreements
  • Share Sale Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Mortgage Loan Agreements

Family Law Education Network of Australia

The Family Law Network of Australia(FLENA) was established to provide high-quality precedents that are compliant with the FCFCOA Rules and the Central PracticeDirections

AmandaLittle, the founder of Family Law Education Network of Australia (FLENA), is an accredited specialist in Family Law, Mediator, Family DisputeResolution Practitioner, Collaborative Family Lawyer, Sessional Academic, public speaker, and author. 

You can add this service to your existing Smokeball subscription at $150 + GST a month, per firm*. The following precedents and many more, are now available in Smokeball’s Marketplace Precedents through a subscription to FLENA: 

  • Property Division letter of advice 
  • Letter of Submissions re: Division, urgency, and specialty lists 
  • Cost Notice and Cost Letter to client 
  • Trial plan

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