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Bec Corless

Director, VIC

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I am responsible for two elements of Jim’s Conveyancing here in Victoria. Firstly, I am the owner of Jim’s Conveyancing Yarra Valley. It’s a small operating conveyancing firm that services all towns and suburbs in Victoria. Secondly, I am a franchisor for Jim’s Conveyancing state-wide, which means I am the mentor for all the Jim’s offices currently operating in Victoria. As each office comes on board, I take them under my wing and train them up.

Myself and the other Jim’s Conveyancing staff that use Smokeball absolutely love it! This innovative software has significantly improved our organisation and productivity, which has allowed us to increase our workload without increasing our stress levels.

Before I signed up with Smokeball, I wasn’t necessarily on the lookout for a new conveyancing software. I was contacted by Smokeball’s Business Development Manager Jennifer Wadelton, who I already knew as we have both been in the conveyancing industry for many years. During the demonstration it became evident very quickly that Smokeball was superior to the software I was using at the time. Smokeball came with more powerful features and it was so much quicker and user-friendly. Smokeball’s multi-user functionality was also very attractive. Firstly, the software comes with unlimited licences and can be installed on as many devices as you like. Secondly, it has automatic data syncing, which meant multiple staff members could work seamlessly on the same matter with no delay. After seeing Smokeball during the presentation, I was sold and decided to transition over.

My favourite Smokeball feature is definitely it's email management capability. It has cleaned up our inboxes and has improved our overall efficiency as a team. Smokeball’s powerful integration with Outlook saves every email to it's associated matter in a digital file, along with other documents and notes relating to that matter. That way, every email you send or receive is filed correctly and saved centrally so that it is accessible for anyone within the office. It simplifies email organisation and prevents lost or misplaced email correspondence.

The way Smokeball handles your conveyancing documents is also outstanding. Smokeball ensures your most-used forms and precedents are automatically prepopulated. Smokeball’s document automation software, with Microsoft Word integration, is unparalleled and saves hours of typing and re-typing. When we were in the process of transitioning over, the Smokeball team provided me with a personalised service where they pushed across my own pre-existing suite of precedents. This saved me hours! They really went the extra mile to help me get up and running.

I am frequently encouraging other conveyancing businesses to make the switch over to Smokeball. The software is affordable, user-friendly and the support staff are incredibly helpful. It’s so worth it!

Download the case study
Download the case study
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This innovative software has significantly improved our organisation and productivity which has allowed us to increase our workload without increasing our stress levels.

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