Loved by Conveyancers across Australia, but don't just take our word for it.

We absolutely love Smokeball. It has transformed my conveyancing business. From the very first day it was easy to learn and even easier to use. We receive prompt and friendly support and the staff at Smokeball have worked in the profession so they totally understand our needs.”
Billie Hill
BJ Hill Conveyancing
Smokeball is not only the best conveyancing software on the market, it is also incredibly affordable considering how feature-rich it is. We had Smokeball installed on all our devices, including our phones for total mobility. Do yourself a favour and have a look at Smokeball, you will not be disappointed.”
Lloyd Coetzee
Jason Smith Conveyancing Services
There are many features in Smokeball that I could recommend but for me the big drawcard is the mobility. Smokeball allows me to easily work in the office or at home, and with live data synchronisation I can work on the same matters as my colleagues without any delay. The phone app means I have all my matter information at my fingertips at any given time. There is no doubt that Smokeball has increased my productivity.”
Shirley Ip
Evolve Lawyers Melbourne
We have only been using Smokeball for only two months but have already seen great benefit to our Conveyancing business. Being cloud-based and with a phone app, it gives me the ability to access all of my matters, contacts, documents, tasks and reminders from anywhere at any time. I highly recommend Smokeball – you will never look back!”
Jade O’Donnell
On Time Conveyancing
Smokeball’s Support team is a standout. Their response time is fast and they really take the time to listen to me. They all have conveyancing experience and this helps them understand our business. They have been instrumental to driving our process efficiencies and have really helped us use Smokeball to our best ability and integrate it into our existing workflows. I would happily recommend Smokeball. The software is much more superior than what we were using and the service is excellent.”
Lynette Stafford
Miranda’s Conveyancing
The transition to Smokeball was straightforward and easier than I thought it would be. Their fantastic Support team helped me by importing and automating my own precedents and I was confidently using the system soon after. Smokeball is modern, intuitive and very affordable. Definitely worth the switch!”
Dani Brann
Coast to Coast Conveyancing
I decided to try Smokeball after struggling with another conveyancing system. Getting started with Smokeball was simple and it was easy to set up. Within a week I had set up most of my files and had integrated all of my own precedents. Smokeball is a very user-friendly product – it is simple, fast and always runs smoothly. I would recommend Smokeball to everybody, it makes life much easier and using it is always a great experience.”
Lucinda Hick
Cause Conveyancing
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