Simple, smart and affordable conveyancing software

Matter management

Managing your conveyancing matters couldn’t be easier.

You can run your files electronically, giving you greater work flexibility, reducing paperwork and automating those everyday conveyancing tasks.

All contacts, events, documents, emails and searches are saved centrally so your team can easily collaborate on matters.

Tasks and workflow

We make it simple for you and your staff to stay on top of conveyancing tasks and critical dates so you never miss a deadline.

Easily prioritise your day at a glance, with the ability to quickly see what tasks are due for completion aside your calendar. This critical information is also emailed to you every day.

You can delegate work by assigning tasks to other staff, and view your staff’s tasks so there is no panic if someone is suddenly away. This makes team collaboration extremely easy.

The 'Daily Digest' email

Receive an email every morning with a list of tasks and events due that day. Our clients love to check this email via their phone on their way to work.

Integrated searching and PEXA

Easily order all your conveyancing searches through our seamless integration with InfoTrack, a technology company with a leading SaaS platform that provides intelligent property searches and automated workflow for professionals. From basic Title Searches, automated property certificates, to electronic contracts and eConveyancing.

All search results and cost recoveries are permanently saved back into the matter. You can compile documents into a single PDF and email off with the click of a button.


PEXA Integration: the most advanced in the market.

Complete your conveyancing matter electronically from start to finish, create and manage PEXA work spaces directly through our seamless InfoTrack integration. When creating a PEXA work space, all your matter information will prepopulate, saving you up to 30 minutes of data entry.

Automated forms and precedents

We integrate with Microsoft Word.


Integrating with Microsoft Word, conveyancing documents can be created in seconds. With all the automated forms and precedents you need, your templates will become standardised so everyone produces consistent, quality documents.

Matter information seamlessly merges with government forms, precedents or correspondence saving you significant time and reducing errors. You can also customise and add your own precedents.

We have a team of experts who update all the forms so you will always be using the current version.

Settlement financials

See all your settlement financials on one simple screen.


Settlement financials are made extremely easy.

We are the only conveyancing software to provide ‘one place’ to prepare & see all your settlement financials (adjustments & cheques), rather than switching back and forth between screens.

Using advanced calculators you can calculate your adjustments, amounts required to settle, reconciliation and create your cheque directions.

Email integration

We integrate with Microsoft Outlook.


Emails are automatically saved to the matter, so everyone always has access to the latest correspondence. You can respond to a client’s email even if you were not the original contact on the email.

Smokeball works seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, so you can continue to use your Outlook account.

Mobility and the cloud

Use the latest cloud technology.


Available on a PC, tablet or smartphone, you will have the freedom to work from anywhere. Cloud technology means all data is available almost immediately on all your devices in any location.

Live data synchronisation allows multiple users to work seamlessly on the same matter without any delay.

You can back up your data locally within one click or simply request a copy anytime. View ‘The Cloud’ guide.


Smokeball Mobile Phone App:

The Smokeball mobile app allows you to access your matters on the go. By having important information about your matters and clients at your fingertips, Smokeball helps you better service your clients:

•    Review your day on the Daily Digest
•    Review important Matter information (including documents, emails and memos). You can also upload images taken from your phone.
•    Call, text, or email Contacts
•    View your Calendar Events or quickly add more important events
•    View, Add, and Complete Tasks.

The mobile app is available for free on iPhone and android.

Training and support

Stellar support by industry professionals who care.


Moving to a new conveyancing software system requires experienced experts to help you, so our Support Team is ready to assist and train you.

Our Support Team have conveyancing experience and exceptional industry knowledge, and are always only a phone call away.

For ongoing support you will receive unlimited phone assistance every business day, and we offer free training all year round.


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